Microsoft releases three new NT 4.0 SP4 hot-fixes

Thanks to John and John Nuechterlein for the tip: Microsoft has released three new post-SP4 hot-fixes this week, including:

  • GetHostByName API fixes (rnr-fix)
    Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 causes NDISWAN Services to return IP addresses in the order in which they are bound. This change results in IP addresses not currently bound to the TCP/IP stack being returned when making a call to the Winsock API function GetHostByName. This causes problems with Exchange Server as well as NT itself.

  • WinNT 4.0 Post-Service Pack 4 Hot-fixes Combined Into One Package (roll-up)
    A combination of previous post-SP4 hot-fixes in one convenient install package.

  • RRAS Computer Stops Responding to Incoming Calls Under Stress (disc-fix)
    The Routing and Remote Access Server (RRAS) computer may stop responding to incoming calls after a while.
These fixes and many more like them can be found in the usual location on the Microsoft FTP site
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