Microsoft releases public beta of Visual InterDev 6.0

Microsoft has released a public beta of its Visual InterDev 6.0 Web development tool. Version 6.0 includes a new IDE (integrated development environment)--code-named "Vegas", a WYSIWYG HTML editor, script debugging for client and server code, visual database tools, enhanced support for team development, and an integrated version of FrontPage 98.

"We're very excited to make this pre-release of Visual InterDev 6.0 available to developers and expect it to dramatically simplify the task of building data-driven Web applications with IIS 4.0," said Paul Gross, VP of developer tools at Microsoft. "The demand for tools to simplify Web-user interface development, work in teams and with FrontPage users, and create and debug server-side script was heard loud and clear, and Visual InterDev delivers all that and much more. Visual InterDev version 6.0 truly delivers a quantum leap in functionality that brings RAD to the Web."

The Visual InterDev 6.0 March pre-release can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Visual InterDev Web site

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