Microsoft releases Picture It! 2000

Microsoft Corporation on Wednesday released the latest version of its award-winning consumer photo editing software, Picture It! 2000. Designed for home users that want to import photographs into their computers, edit them digitally, and then post them on the World Wide Web, Picture It! 2000 includes a host of new Web-enabled features.

"Digital imaging is becoming more accessible," says Microsoft's Robert Bach, vice president of the Home and Retail Division. "Not only have digital cameras and scanners dropped in price, but now it's a breeze to get your pictures put on a CD at your local film developer. Once you have your photos in digital format, Picture It! 2000 makes it fun to create family Web pages, calendars, cards and collages and even to send e-mail postcards.''

Picture It! 2000 includes all the tools needed to edit photos, add over 100 different special effects, add 3D text, and more. The software includes over 900 high-quality digital backgrounds, 150 fonts, and over 400 templates. An improved email project type and a new Web posting wizard make it easy to send images over the Internet to friends and family.

For more information about Picture It! 2000, please visit the Microsoft Web site

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