Microsoft releases Office 2000 Resource Kit tools

Microsoft has quietly released the core tools from its Office 2000 Resource Kit to the Microsoft Web site, a free download that includes a custom installation wizard, IEAK 5.0, Terminal Server tools, and more. The software, which is available for free in the form of a 9MB download, will also be available soon as part of the full Office 2000 Resource Kit, a gigantic book and CD-ROM package that will be sold through bookstores.

In addition to the Resource Kit tools, Microsoft has also made available other Office 2000 tools and information, including customizable alerts, an enhanced setup, HTML Help sample files, and much more. All of these tools and information are available from the Toolbox section of the Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit Web site.

In other Office 2000 news, MSDN Universal subscribers can now download the entire software suite from the MSDN Web site. The massive download--over 1 GB for 4 CDs worth of data--includes all of the applications found in Office 2000 Premium Edition. MSDN subscribers can find out more at the MSDN Subscriber Downloads Web site.

Office 2000 is expected to be generally available with new PC systems beginning in May and on retail store shelves in early June

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