Microsoft releases NT Terminal Server

Microsoft Corporation on Tuesday announced the release of Windows NT Server 4.0 Terminal Server Edition, a new version of NT Server that supports thin clients. Microsoft is positioning Terminal Server, which was code-named "Hydra" during its development, as a solution for corporations that do not want to upgrade lots of legacy machines. These machines can, however, run the Terminal Server client software to gain access to specially-written Win32 applications running on the Serve.

"Now that the Terminal Server Edition is here, organizations will be able to extend the benefits of Windows to their terminal users and their desktops running on other operating systems," said Paul Maritz, group vice president of the platforms and applications group at Microsoft. "We are excited by the amount of industry commitment behind the Terminal Server Edition and believe it signifies the depth to which customers are seeking a solution to extend the flexibility and simplicity of the Windows environment."

Microsoft also announced that support for Terminal Server from a list of companies far too long to list here. These companies will support Terminal Server with complementary products that run in this new environment.

Terminal Server will be available within a month for the same price as the normal version of Windows NT Server

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