Microsoft releases Money 2000 Deluxe

Microsoft Corporation on Wednesday announced the immediate availability of Microsoft Money 2000 Deluxe, the latest version of its personal finance management software. Money 2000, which also ships in Standard and "Business & Personal" editions, allow you to easily balance your checkbook, pay bills, bank online, create a budget, reduce debt, invest money, and compute tax savings from a simple HTML-based interface.

"With Money 2000 Deluxe, we have made a great product even better by incorporating new features that help consumers manage their day-to-day finances and achieve long-term financial goals," says Richard Bray, general manager of the Financial Products Division at Microsoft. "To keep pace with what consumers need, Money 2000 includes comprehensive investment tools and allows consumers to access important financial information from anywhere, at any time."

Money 2000 Standard retails for $25, while the Deluxe and Business & Personal Editions sell for $45 and $75 respectively. Microsoft will also offer a free 90-day downloadable trial of Money 2000 Deluxe from the Web beginning sometime in September. Check the Microsoft Money 2000 Web site for details

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