Microsoft releases Millennium Beta 1... not

April fools! I posted an article (Word doc format) to the WinInfo Web site earlier today when I received a press release from Microsoft Corporation announcing the release of Windows Millennium Beta 1. The only problem is... it never happened. It seems that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing over at Microsoft, and the announcement went out a bit early.

What's classic about this, of course, is that the erroneous information came straight from Microsoft itself, causing a bit of confusion over at the Consumer Windows group, which was simply preparing its standard weekly build, not Beta 1. And best of all, as of this writing, the press release can still be found on the Microsoft Web site (Update: Predictably, they've removed it. No problem, I saved a local copy of the press release).

In any event, expect to see a massive review of Millennium Beta 1, as well as the first Millennium technology showcase, on my SuperSite for Windows whenever Beta 1 is actually released. --Pau

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