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Microsoft Releases Certification Packs with Exam Discounts

While there's still an ongoing debate about the value of certifications vs. degrees, many IT pros find certifications to be valuable, especially when compared to the time and expense of trying to go back for a Bachelor's degree.

If you're looking into starting a certification or expanding your certifications, Microsoft has just released some exam discounts that might catch your eye. By purchasing "certification packs," IT pros can take multiple exams at discounted rates. Also, each certification pack offers "Second Shots" for free, which lets you retake the exam for free if you don't pass in the first round.

The below table (copied from the Microsoft Learning site) shows the volume discounts available.



For IT pros, the primary certifications available are MCTS (Technology Specialist) and MCITP (IT Professional) exams, the latter of which builds upon the first. These exams are specific to various technologies, such as Windows 7 Configuration, Exchange 2007, Active Directory in Server 2008, etc. Most exams cost $125, not counting discounts. You can enroll at Prometric's website

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