Microsoft to Release Windows XP Preview to Public

As previously reported in WinInfo Daily UPDATE, Microsoft will open up its Windows XP OS to the public before the product's final release next quarter. Yesterday, at the Windows XP introduction in Seattle, the company announced that it will hold a Windows XP Preview Program that will give customers a chance to evaluate the new OS when it hits Release Candidate (RC) form, probably in late March or early April.
Microsoft hasn't opened the Preview Program yet, but prospective users can sign up for a free email newsletter that will inform them when the program is ready to roll. By signing up now, you'll receive technical information about Windows XP and an invitation to register for the Preview Program when it's available. The program cost hasn't been announced but will likely be in line with similar programs Microsoft has run in the past.

To sign up for the Windows XP Preview Program Newsletter, visit the Microsoft Web site.

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