Microsoft reduces Terminal Server pricing

Thanks to Chris Lieberman for the tip: Microsoft Corporation has caved to customer complaints and lowered the cost of using Terminal Server, the multi-user add-on for Windows NT Server. Previously, customers wishing to use Terminal Server had to pay the same price for each client as they would have had those clients been running Windows NT Workstation. Microsoft has replaced this requirement with a new lower-cost Client Access License (CAL) that will be available in early February on a per-client basis. Customers that would like to obtain licenses for users to connect over the Internet can also purchase the new Internet Connector License (TSIC), which allows for 200 simultaneous anonymous logins.

"We're excited about the strong customer acceptance of Terminal Server. It shows that customers are extending their use of Windows-based technologies to new users and applications," said Mike Nash, director of marketing for Windows NT Server at Microsoft. "The new licensing options being introduced for Terminal Server Edition are designed to respond directly to customer requirements for greater flexibility and more cost-effective ways to purchase Terminal Server licenses."

For more information about the new Terminal Server pricing options, please visit the Microsoft Web site

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