Microsoft redesigns HotMail

Microsoft Corporation has redesigned HotMail, the Web-based email service that has over 40 million members. The new interface, which is offered in English, French, German, and Japanese versions, does away with the old frames-based design, giving users a cleaner, simpler interface to navigate.

"Although Hotmail has just celebrated its three-year anniversary, we're still very focused on the original goal: to provide a service that is fast and reliable, with easy-to-use features that help our members get things done online," said Don Bradford, general manager for Hotmail. "The changes we launched today are part of our ongoing commitment to further strengthen the value of Hotmail for its members and help MSN deliver on its mission to empower consumers anywhere, any time and from any device."

Microsoft is also working to bring HotMail more clearly into the Microsoft Network (MSN) fold, giving it a more consistent look and feel.

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