Microsoft readies new game pad

Tired of that old game pad or force-feedback joystick? Well, Microsoft has the cure for what ails you: its soon-to-be released Sidewinder FreeStyle Pro GamePad, a swoopy-looking high-tech toy that every serious gamer is going to want to check out. The Sidewinder FreeStyle Pro looks like a sleek black boomerang, with numerous buttons, a digital directional pad, and a shift button like the one on the force feedback joystick. But the FreeStyle Pro takes gaming to the next level with a tilt sensor that uses motion sensing technology. The tilt sensor watches how you move the controller in your hands and responds accordingly any game that supports a joystick. Move the game pad forward and down, for example, and your Flight Simulator plane will dive for the ground.

Testers working with the new game pad say the sensation is natural and that they were quickly up to speed with it in their favorites games. The Sidewinder FreeStyle Pro will be released this fall

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