Microsoft promising Windows 2000 SP1 'soon'

If you've been waiting for the release of Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1), here's some good news: Microsoft says that it is on track to release SP1 this month as planned. The company has set up a "Coming Soon" page for SP1 on its Web site, which attempts to explain that this release was more exhaustively tested than some of its recent failures, such as IE 5.01 SP1. SP1 "follows comprehensive beta evaluation and feedback from a select group of Microsoft premier support customers, original equipment manufacturers, independent hardware vendors, independent software vendors, and subscribers to the MSDN developer program," the company says.

"Microsoft is committed to delivering products, including service pack updates, of the highest quality," says John Frederikson, the general manager for the PC Experience Group at Microsoft. "SP1 will be yet another major milestone for customers of Windows 2000. We have seen across-the-board adoption among organizations that have plans to and/or are now deploying Windows 2000, and we expect that during the remainder of this calendar year and in 2001, Windows 2000 growth on the business PC will continue to accelerate."

SP1 addresses customer concerns with Windows 2000 and enhances the overall reliability of Windows 2000 while adding new features, such as the ability to slipstream service packs into network-based OS install shares. For more information about Windows 2000 SP1, please see my review of SP1 on the Windows SuperSite

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