Microsoft preps Windows Millennium Beta 1

Microsoft Corporation sent out Millennium beta invitations to certain people on its "Preferred Members" list, people that had previously signed up for Microsoft mailing lists and other information. The invitation, which was given to an undisclosed number of people, offers a chance to register for the beta for Millennium, the next Consumer Windows, which will succeed Windows 98. Millennium, the invitation states, will focus on four key areas: digital media and entertainment, home networking, the online experience, and ensuring that the operating system "just works."

Preferred Members that do sign up for the beta will begin testing with Millennium Beta 1, which is expected before the end of the month. Millennium will require a Pentium 150 or better, 32 MB of RAM, and 320-550 MB of hard disk space.

I will be publishing a review of Millennium Beta 1 to the Windows SuperSite as soon as it's released: As always, stick with WinInfo for the latest Windows news and information

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