Microsoft preps Windows 98 Second Edition

[email protected] Reseller is reporting that Microsoft Corporation has changed the name of Windows 98 OSR to Windows 98 Second Edition (SE). Windows 98 SE will include bug fixes and some new features, including Internet Explorer 5.0. But the big rumor, of course, is that this release might actually find its way to retail stores, unlike the many updates to Windows 95 that Microsoft released between 1995 and 1998. That could explain the name change (OSR stands for OEM Service Release, where "OEM" refers to PC makers).

Microsoft spokespeople are saying that it is "too early" to tell whether Windows 98 SE will be sold in stores; even the name is apparently in question at this time.

Regardless of its name, Windows 98 SE represents no real change in the plan to provide updates to Windows 98. Microsoft's next major consumer OS will ship after Windows 2000 and be based on the NT kernel. In the meantime, we'll have the SE to look forward to and perhaps some future (and minor) updates. The release date of Windows 98 SE is unknown

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