Microsoft prepares Windows CE 2.0

Later this month, Microsoft will introduce Windows CE 2.0 to the crowd at the Professional Developers Conference in San Diego. Despite a lukewarm reception to CE 1.0 devices, Microsoft is expecting the new version--which will arrive in a variety of form factors--to be successful. New features for CE 2.0 include support Intel x86 chips and 24-bit color. Numerous companies that bowed out of building 1.0 devices are embracing 2.0, including Sharp, Fujitsu, Acer, and other enormous Taiwanese firms.

Additionally, Microsoft has eased CE licensing, so that devices are free to adopt their own form factors and not be bound the sameness of all the CE 1.0 machines.

The new release will also feature support a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), LAN connections, printing, MFC/C++, ActiveX, and VBScript

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