Microsoft prepares new Web tools, NT 5

Microsoft will release its Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 Resource Kit next week and a new version of its Visual J++ Java development tool in March. The IIS Resource Kit will be released at the TechEd developers event, which will be held in Palm Springs. It will include sample ASP code, Web applications, and documentation to aid developers using IIS.

"The sample applications and scripts will mostly be administrative tools," said Jonathan Perera, a Microsoft product manager. "These will govern functions such as add or delete a user, or change a password."

Visual J++ 2.0, which has been delayed several times, is aiming an Internet World trade show beta release on March 9th in Los Angeles. It was originally due last Fall.

As for Windows NT 5.0, the second beta will be delivered by the end of June, with a final release at "Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference in the Fall," said Perera, who works with the Windows NT group. There you have it, folks: someone from Microsoft just announced the release date of Windows NT 5.0. Let's see if anyone notices

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