Microsoft predicts victory over Sun

For a company under such close scrutiny, Microsoft can be pretty daring. In a letter to developers Thursday, Microsoft predicted that it would be victorious in its legal battles with Sun over Java, saying that Sun was simply jealous that Microsoft's implementation of the language was so good. "Over the coming weeks you will likely hear a lot of rumors and speculation about this dispute," Brad Chase, Microsoft's vice president of developer relations and marketing wrote in the letter. "We will keep you posted as we can. I want to let you know that even though these debates will be going on, the product groups at Microsoft will remain focused on building great products."

Chase, like Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and other at Microsoft, maintains that Microsoft has done nothing to violate its contract with Sun.

"The dispute centers on some terms and conditions of a contract and whether we can continue to use some Java marketing logos," he wrote "This is a disagreement between Microsoft and Sun. Your use of any version of Internet Explorer is not a part of this dispute."

Chase even went so far as to predict a legal victory for Microsoft.

"We are in compliance with the contract, and we fully expect the court to agree," he wrote.

You can view the entire letter at the Microsoft Web site

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