Microsoft Posts (Then Pulls) Windows Vista Product Guide

A week after providing its massive Windows Vista Product Guide to its Technology Adoption Program (TAP) members, Microsoft posted the documentation on the Web. The product guide is a 313-page overview of the features of Microsoft's next-generation OS.

"The Windows Vista Product Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the innovative features and functions that make Windows Vista the next-generation Windows client operating system and successor to Windows XP," Microsoft's Fred Pullen wrote in a blog entry. "This guide also provides information about the benefits Windows Vista offers diverse users, as well as information about the different editions (SKUs) available."

The Windows Vista Product Guide is available only in XML Paper Specification (XPS) format. Therefore, to read it, you'll need either Vista or XP with its new XPS Viewer. You can find direct download links to the Windows Vista Product Guide and the XPS Viewer on Fred Pullen's blog.

 Direct download links to both the Windows Vista Product Guide and the XPS Viewer can be found on Fred Pullen's blog.

Yesterday, I linked to Fred Pullen's download of the Windows Vista Product Guide. According to Pullen, he's had to pull (ahem) the download. "Although we had permission from one of its sponsors to post the Windows Vista Product Guide to the TS2 Community Site, it isn't quite ready for public consumption so I was asked to remove the link," he notes in his blog. "If you were lucky enough to download the 'sneak peek' preview, enjoy!  We'll provide access to the guide after it becomes publicly available."

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