Microsoft posts Solaris version of ActiveX

One of the biggest complaints against ActiveX is that the technology is proprietary. Well, Microsoft today took the first step toward ending that criticism by releasing a beta of ActiveX that runs on the Sun Solaris operating system. The Solaris release includes support for the Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)and the Component Object Model (COM) technologies that enable ActiveX components to exist and communicate with each other.

The software is available from the Software AG Web site. Software AG is a German software maker that Microsoft recruited to write the port. The company will release beta versions of these technologies for Digital UNIX and Linux later this month, with final versions of all three due next month. Due later this year is ActiveX support for the Apple Macintosh, IBM MVS, HP-UX, SCO UNIXWare, IBM AIX, IBM OS/400, Digital OpenVMS, and Siemen Nixdorf Sinix.

The ActiveX specification is now controlled by the OpenGroup, an international consortium of vendors, ISVs and end-user customers from industry, government, and academia.

Want more information?
The Open Group
Software AG
Software AG DCOM Home

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