Microsoft to post new public beta of VJ++

By the time you read this, Microsoft should have posted a second public preview of Visual J++ 6.0, its upcoming Java development tool. Visual J++ Technology Preview 2 adds new data access and ActiveX features. It was originally slated to be released with the rest of Visual Studio 6.0 on September 2nd, but the product will be delayed. Purchasers of Visual Studio 6.0 will receive Technology Preview 2 of VJ++ and a voucher for a free upgrade to the release version when it comes out.

"We wanted to further build on the last technology preview to make it easier to integrate Visual J++ applications with existing business systems," said Bill Dunlap, a product manager for Microsoft's visual tools.

VJ++ 6.0 includes a new Visual Database Tool that lets developers access any ODBC/OLE-DB data source from within the VJ++ IDE.

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