Microsoft porting Visual Basic to the Mac

Thanks to Arne B. Steingraeber, Publisher of the German BasicPro magazine for providing a screenshot of Visual Basic for Applications running on the Macintosh. You can find the screenshot on their Web site What this basically (pardon the pun) proves is that Visual Basic on the Mac is a reality, since VBA is the engine for Visual Basic 5.0. Given its inclusion in the upcoming Office 98 for the Macintosh, I see no reason why a full release of Visual Basic can't be forthcoming for the Mac as well.

While Microsoft has been very busy touting the new Macintosh edition of Office, there is precious little information about VBA on the Mac. On the Office 98 Web site, the following paragraph was all I found:

Visual Basic for Applications: Develop custom business solutions for all Office 98 applications faster than ever before. Visual Basic for Applications support has been extended to all of the Office 98 applications. A new integrated development environment based on the award-winning Visual Basic programming system makes it easier than ever to create powerful business solutions using shared Office Forms, and a simple yet powerful set of debugging tools

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