Microsoft is porting Internet Explorer 4.0 to UNIX

Microsoft has cancelled their original plan to start porting Internet Explorer to UNIX with the 3.x version of the browser and has moved ahead to version 4.0. In a announcement posted to the Microsoft Web site on Friday, the company says that they are "committed to delivering an Internet Explorer 4.0 for UNIX beta in Fall 1997 and best-of-breed final release in Q1 '98."

Microsoft is pledging to deliver a "majority" of the features in the Win32 version of IE 4.0 to UNIX, including Dynamic HTML, Java support, Site and Channel Webcasting with push technologies, HTML 3.2 support, Cascading Style Sheets, VBScript and JScript, and Secure Sockets Layer 3.0. Active Desktop will *not* be included in the initial release although Microsoft is looking into adding it in a future version.

Internet Explorer 4.0 will initially be available on Sun Solaris 2.5. Microsoft also plans to deliver support for HP-UX 10.x and other UNIX flavors--not yet announced--in the near future.

Also of note: Microsoft is not farming this work out to other companies but rather is developing it in-house

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