Microsoft plans "Scalability Day"

The message is clear: Windows NT is for real and Microsoft wants to tell anyone who listens that the network operating system is ready for the Enterprise. Hardware vendors will join Microsoft next month at "Scalability Day" and demonstrate multi-processor systems running Windows NT.

Scalability Day, which premiers May 20 in New York, is an invitation-only event that Microsoft will use to announce new versions of Windows NT and forthcoming eight-processor systems that will be supported by NT and SQL Server. Four-, six-, and ten-processor systems will be demonstrated by a number of manufacturers and four-server clustering will be shown. Unisys and Data General will soon release twelve-processor systems as well.

Microsoft is rewriting the way NT handles multiple processors so that it is more efficient with a large number of CPUs, allowing it to compete with mainframes in the Enterprise. Cache and Schedule processing will be able to access 4GB of memory soon, up from the 2GB in NT 4.0, and 3GB in NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3, due this summer.

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