Microsoft Office 97 SR-1 Availability Update

Thanks to Michael Tsang for the update: Microsoft has pulled the Service Release for Office 97 because of a Word 97 problem. Here is the official statement from Microsoft:

   Microsoft uncovered a problem with the SR-1 patch that in rare    circumstances can prevent Word 97 from saving changes when editing    an existing document. This problem was discovered internally and to    date, Microsoft Technical Support has only received one customer    call on the issue. Regardless, we take this seriously and decided    to make the SR-1 patch temporarily unavailable until we can post    the update. This web page will have updated information as soon as    it becomes available.

   What to do if you have already installed the SR-1 patch:  

Since we have only received one customer call to date, it is    unlikely that users that have already installed the SR-1 patch will    encounter the problem. However, an updated patch will be available    on this page shortly, or customers can order the Office 97 Service    Release setup CD free of charge by phone at 1-800-370-9272*. You    will be required to provide the CD key number from your current    Office 97 application. This number appears on your CD jewel case.    If you have any technical questions on the Office SR-1, please call    the local Microsoft Technical Support line.  

1-800 Operators Hours of operation:   
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 10:00pm EST   
Saturday: 9:30am - 7:30pm EST   
Sunday: closed 

The Microsoft Office 97 Service Release 1 page can be found at the Microsoft home page

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