Microsoft Office 2000 roars out of the gates

Microsoft's latest entry in the Office productivity suite market, Microsoft Office 2000, has been setting sales records since its release in early June. The company announced this week that sales of Office 2000 are 31% higher than sales of Office 97 during the same time period after its launch, while PC Data says that the product is the best-selling piece of software since Windows 98 was launched last year. Microsoft says that over 15 million corporate licenses to Office 2000 were purchased in June alone.

"Microsoft Office 2000 has really resonated with our customers; initial sales of Office 2000 are two-and-a-half times our sales for the Office 97 launch," said Tom Stemberg, the Chairman and CEO of Staples. "Office 2000 is loaded with innovative small business tools that our customers are really excited about."

Office 2000 is sold in a variety of formats, or editions, such as Standard Edition, Professional Edition, and Premium Edition. A version for software developers is also available

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