Microsoft offers six free Windows 2000 courses

Microsoft Corporation announced this week that it will be offering six free Windows 2000 training courses in over 250 locations worldwide during October and November. The courses, offered under the direction of the TechNet program, will help individuals learn how to deploy, manage, support and optimize Windows 2000, with emphasis on networking issues and Windows NT migration.

Courses include "How to efficiently manage your Windows 2000 environment," "How to design a Windows 2000 Server networking infrastructure and interoperate with Windows NT Server 4.0," "How to migrate your Windows NT 4.0 directory services to Windows 2000 Active Directory," "How to effectively use Windows Terminal Services from Windows 2000 Server in your organization," "How to set up a reliable Web server using Internet Information Server 5.0 and Windows 2000," and "How to create secure, Web-based business solutions based on Windows 2000 Server and IIS 5.0."

To take advantage of this free offer, please visit the TechNet Web site for details

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