Microsoft offers free PC for MSN customers

Microsoft Corporation announced Wednesday that new customers of the Microsoft Network (MSN) who sign up for three years of Internet service will receive a free computer from the company. The announcement follows a similar deal from AOL/CompuServe two weeks ago.

"We are excited to team up with Lan Plus to make MSN Internet Access available to its customers" said Rob Bennett, group product manager for the Consumer and Commerce Group at Microsoft. "The recent accolades are a result of our investment in the access business, and with agreements like the one with Lan Plus we can help more and more consumers get online and explore the Web."

Users who sign up for three years of MSN--at a cost of $650--will receive a LAN Plus computer with a 400 MHz AMD microprocessor. The monitor is extra, however.

In a separate announcement regarding MSN, Microsoft announced that it would no longer charge an additional $10 a month for premium content, such as MoneyCentral

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