Microsoft not selling or canceling Visual J++

Contrary to persistent reports on the rumor-heavy Internet, Microsoft Corporation is not canceling or selling its Java development product, Visual J++. Aping the medium that declared his product dead, Visual Studio Product Manager Tony Goodhew headed to the Internet over the weekend to dispel the rumors.

"By now I imagine some of you have read news reports indicating Microsoft has sold Visual J++ to another company," Goodhew wrote. "I want to make it clear that these articles are in error. We absolutely have not \[sold\]--and have no plans--to sell off the Visual J++ product. Visual J++ 6.0 is the most widely used Java development tool, and we look forward to its continued success in the market."

Goodhew attributed the erroneous articles, which appeared on CNET's NEWS.COM among other places (though not in WinInfo, because I was unable to verify the rumor), to confusion around announcements made by Microsoft concerning Visual Studio solution integrators. These integrators create products that run within Visual Studio alongside products such as Visual Basic and Visual J++. The company that was supposedly buying Visual J++, Rational Software, is just one of many entities that is creating add-ins for Visual Studio and Visual J++.

"We stand behind the innovations \[that\] first surfaced in Visual J++ and want to see them continue," Goodhew concluded. "Unfortunately, there is a cloud of doubt over the industry's ability to innovate and advance Java long term. Until we receive and understand some rulings currently pending before the court hearing the Java lawsuit we cannot make announcements on future Visual J++ product strategy.

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