Microsoft News Viewer 1.0 released

Thanks to WinInfo subscriber Tony Barnecut for alerting me to this great new Microsoft Internet news tool. Here's the official blurb: Microsoft News Viewer 1.0 Product Information News Viewer makes it easy to download and read the latest news. You get the information you're interested in, exactly when you want it. . Automatically update articles at regular intervals to your computer's hard disk. Or you can update the information manually. Either way, you read offline, which can save you money in connect time charges and improve performance. . Specify the focus and level of your interests. Then when you update the news, News Viewer will download only those articles that pertain to your interests. . Use the News Viewer screen saver to stay informed even when your computer is idle. . Find information quickly. News Viewer organizes articles into categories and topics so you can go straight to what you're looking for, or just browse. . Read articles. As you read, you can follow references to World Wide Web pages. Or you can surf the Web in Internet view

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