Microsoft: Netscape Math doesn't add up

You may recall a WinInfo story from last week about Netscape claiming to sell over 1 million Web servers. Microsoft has apparently taken exception to that claim and released a White Paper today explaining why.

In the short response, Microsoft has some interesting points:

"Let us be clear: the number mentioned by Netscape in their announcement on January 30th is the total sum of all of their server products (including web, mail, news, proxy) in all versions and release forms. This is the same as if Microsoft were to aggregate all Internet Information Server, Windows NT Server, Proxy Server, SQL Server, and Exchange shipments in all forms and channels...Analysts estimate Netscape 1996 server revenue at $90-100 million. If Netscape did in fact ship 1 million servers, this would be revenue of $100 per server - a number that is hard to believe considering most Netscape server products retail at $995."

Microsoft also claims that Internet Information Server (IIS) is the leading commercial Internet and intranet server, using recent surveys by WebWeek and Netcraft as evidence.

Netscape's special brand of math has received lots of media attention lately, specifically their grossly inflated claims for browser and E-mail client usage. Given the none-too-friendly relationship between Microsoft and Netscape, it is likely that this war of words will escalate

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