Microsoft makes Java contract with Sun public

Microsoft Corporation has posted its Java contract with Sun to its Web site, effectively making the agreement public knowledge. Microsoft has posted the entire contract, along with a set of questions and answers to help explain the terms of the contract. Most interesting are the ways it directly addresses Sun's complaints. For example, the contract does not specifically say that Microsoft must ship the JNI, a major complaint from Sun. As for Sun's complaint that Microsoft "changed Java classes," the Microsoft FAQ points out a clause in the contract that grants Microsoft "irrevocable rights to modify and adapt the licensed technology."

Apparently, Sun had attempted to keep the lawsuit private, so that it could wage a public PR battle with Microsoft while seeking $35 million in damages.

The entire contract, along with other documents relating to it and Sun's suit, can be found on the Microsoft Corporate Information page.

Interestingly, Sun later posted a copy of the contract to the JavaSoft Web site but its version doesn't try to explain the language of the agreement or point out where Sun's claims are validated.

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