Microsoft makes improving NT key goal

Microsoft officials attending the WebIT 97 conference in Scottsdale, Arizona this week acknowledged that Windows NT isn't as robust as "some other operating systems." The company made improving Windows NT its key goal for the next few years.

"We would not argue that NT solves everybody's problems. We know there's a lot of work to do," said Microsoft's Anthony J. Bay, general manager of the Internet Servers Business Unit.

Bay said that almost all business applications would run on Windows NT by the year 2000, as the product is enhanced with new features including 64-bit capabilities.

"Most companies, except Sun are doing something on NT \[already\]," he said.

Bill Gates has mandated two company-wide themes as well: the "Web lifestyle," where people of the near future will transparently use and expect an immersive Internet backbone, similar to TV's impact today, and "the digital nervous system," where information is just available to anyone, easily

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