Microsoft lawyers come down on Sun

While the press has focused on Microsoft's problems with the DOJ of late, the company is still involved in other legal battles, including one with Sun Microsystems over Java. On Thursday, Microsoft's lawyers hit Sun with requests for 40 documents and began an attempt to have eight senior Sun executives deposed. Microsoft and Sun are set to appear in court on February 27th.

Sun is attempting to prevent Microsoft from using Sun's Java compatible logo on Internet Explorer 4.0 and Microsoft's Java development kit, which it says do not pass compatibility tests. Sun is seeking a preliminary injunction against Microsoft.

According to court documents, Microsoft is seeking information on Sun's other Java licensees and how Microsoft's agreement with them differs from their other agreements. Microsoft will attempt to prove that Sun allows other companies that failed their compatibility tests to use the logo and that it is singling out Microsoft. Sun is attempting to block Microsoft's gathering of evidence by objecting to some depositions (such as JavaSoft co-founder Bill Joy) and to some of the material Microsoft is asking for, which Sun describes as "irrelevant or overly broad.

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