Microsoft launches Windows 2000 in China

Microsoft Corporation launched Windows 2000 in China on Monday with a gala launch event signifying Microsoft's recognition of the Chinese market. Zhang Qi, the Director of the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), Patrick Mulloy, Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce and Alan Turley, Minister-Counselor for Commercial Affairs joined over 1000 representatives from China's industrial industries for the launch. And Microsoft chairman Bill Gates sent along a video-based congratulatory message, noting that Windows 2000 was now available in over 60 different countries around the world. The operating system is also provided in 24 localized language versions, and a special MultiLanguage Version that provides a range of language possibilities for the user interface on the fly.

"Microsoft is proud that Windows 2000 is now broadly available around the world," says Microsoft president and CEO Steve Ballmer. "We know that Windows 2000 will improve business operations tremendously for customers around the globe."

Windows 2000 Simplified Chinese version is tailored specifically to the Chinese market, offering compatibility with specific local language requirements as well. Microsoft's China Research and Development center spent over three years honing the Simplified Chinese version, including the development of an updated Pinyin Input System, which adds the ability to support 64,000 Chinese characters and a Chinese character indexing system. And with the permission of the Chinese government, Microsoft was able to ship a 128-bit encrypted version of Windows 2000 in China, offering users a level of security that might otherwise have been denied them under a newly enforced law that requires encrypted products to be registered with the government.

"The IT revolution and the growth of the Internet have ignited the transition from the traditional industry-based economy to an knowledge-based economy," Madame Zhang Qi said at the Chinese launch event. "The digital revolution, with computer and software technology as its kernel, has been changing people's work, education and lifestyle. Microsoft Windows 2000 has upgraded reliability, scalability and manageability to new heights. It also allows companies to easily Internet-enable their businesses. I hope the launch of Windows 2000 Chinese Version will promote the development of Internet in China, especially among enterprises and business circles, to a new level.

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