Microsoft, Konami to port games to Windows, PS, Dreamcast, N64

Microsoft Corporation and game software giant Konami have reached an agreement where each company will port each other's games to new platforms. Microsoft will port Konami titles for the Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast to Windows-based PC, while Konami will port Microsoft PC gaming titles to those game consoles. The specific titles to be ported haven't yet been decided, but each company has the right to port virtually any of the other's entire gaming catalog.

"This agreement allows us to make our games available to all gamers across multiple platforms for the first time. Konami is one of the largest and most respected console publishers, and we trust its expertise in bringing Microsoft games to the console," said Ed Fries, general manager of the Microsoft Games Division. "At the same time, we see this as a great opportunity to grow the breadth and quality of our PC games portfolio by publishing some of Konami's best console games for the PC.

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