Microsoft issues Year 2000 patch for Windows 98

Microsoft Corporation on Monday issued a patch for Windows 98 that fixes some "minor" Year 2000 problems, including a very rare problem with systems that are booted a few seconds before midnight on New Years Day in the year 2000. Though the problems likely are small, it's a corporate embarrassment for Microsoft to have released a supposedly Y2K-compliant operating system in June to find out now that it's not.

The Year 2000 Update for Windows 98 includes the following fixes:

  • Y2K fixes for Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

  • A leap-year display problem with the Date/Time applet.

  • A bug in the Phone Dialer applet that causes the wrong date to be displayed in a log file.

  • An XCOPY bug.

  • Lagging IP lease date problems.

  • Problems parsing dates with the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library for C++ programmers.

  • Y2K bugs in older versions of Microsoft Wallet, an Internet commerce component of IE 4.0 that holds credit card information.

  • Problems with data access components (MDAC).

  • Bugs in the Regional Settings applet.

  • A WordPad bug.
The Year 2000 Update for Windows 98 is available for free via the Windows Update Web site or to customers who request it on CD-ROM at (800) 363-2896
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