Microsoft invests $40 million in Windows 2000 training

Microsoft Corporation will spend $40 million this year training 150,000 developers and other IT professionals on Windows 2000, so that customers will be able to more effectively deploy the operating system when it is released later this year. The effort represents the biggest investment yet made by the software giant for training, besting last year's $20 million commitment to SQL Server 7.0.

"It's the perfect time for companies to start preparing for Windows 2000," said Nancy Lewis, general manager of the Technical Readiness Team at Microsoft. "The incredible participation rate and feedback generated from the Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 training initiative showed us that customers are looking to get as much hands-on experience with the product as possible before it becomes an integral part of their business. The $40 million training investment in Windows 2000 will give customers what they are looking for and fuel the industry with an additional 150,000 IT professionals and developers who have received training from the premier training source--Microsoft \[certified trainers\]."

The training initiative will cover a wealth of topics, including Visual Basic and Visual C++ development, Active Directory design, networking design, Windows 2000 management, and more

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