Microsoft image makeover plans backfire

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Microsoft was planning on planting letters and opinion pieces in newspapers around the country that would have looked as if they were written by customers and other people that have had positive experiences with Microsoft products. The appearance of the letters was to coincide with important court dates, and the Redmond software giant was hoping they might do something to persuade state politicians to call back the legal attack dogs that have been unleashed on Microsoft.

Well, the plan fell apart when it was revealed publicly, leaving Microsoft with yet another black eye. As the dust settled this weekend, Microsoft acknowledged that it considered the plan, but won't deny that it may still try it. Regardless, the company will likely try to do something to patch its public image.

"We need to tell our story better at a local level," said Microsoft spokesperson Greg Shaw. "We want to be responsive and go out and tell our story. The idea that we'd hire people who wouldn't identify themselves as representing Microsoft is totally false.

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