Microsoft faces over 50 class action lawsuits

In other legal blow to Microsoft Corporation, the representatives of over 50 class action lawsuits against the company met this week to form a "unified front." The lawsuits are the result of Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's findings of fact in the Microsoft antitrust case, which determined that Microsoft was a monopoly that abused its power and harmed consumers and competitors alike. Experts expect an eventual ruling against Microsoft--a virtual certainty unless the company can settle the case first--to open it up to hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in damage claims.

Lawyers for the various plaintiffs, which count among them over 30 small companies, met in Washington this week to figure out a plan of action. According to a report in CNET, many of the attendees have experience in major class-action lawsuits, including one firm that negotiated a settlement of over $1 billion.

Most of the class action lawsuits seek monetary damages resulting from Windows price fixing and the illegal tying of Internet Explorer to Windows.

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