Microsoft Exchange continues to outpace Notes

Microsoft Corporation announced this week that its Exchange Server electronic mail and messaging system outsold Lotus Notes in the first quarter of 1999, once again beating its main rival by a wide margin. Microsoft licensed 4.6 million seats of Exchange Server worldwide, compared to 3.8 million for Lotus Notes, a margin of over 800,000 seats. The company says that almost 30 million seats have been licensed since the product was first introduced in 1996.

The momentum for Exchange is likely to continue as Microsoft preps to big milestones for the product: The conversion of over 70 million HotMail mailboxes to Exchange and the introduction of the next major version, dubbed "Platinum." Exchange 6.0 "Platinum" will run on the Windows 2000 platform and integrate tightly with Active Directory. It is expected to become available within three months of the release of Windows 2000

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