Microsoft donates $100 million for underprivileged kids

Microsoft on Monday will announce its largest donation ever, a $100 million gift designed to bring technology to underprivileged children and teens who participate in Boys & Girls Clubs across America. The donation, which the company says will "bridge the digital divide," will have a program called Club Tech setting up technology centers at every Boys & Girls Club center in America over the next five years. The technology centers will provide 3.3 million kids with a computer-based curriculum, program management, and staff computer training. The donation consists of $12 million in cash; the remainder is software donations. Last year, Microsoft gave over $34 million in cash donations and $200 million in software to nearly 5000 non-profit organizations.

"The relationship between Microsoft and the Boys & Girls Clubs will make a significant and measurable impact on our nation's ability to provide a level playing field in technology for millions of young people who need it the most," said Roxanne Spillett, the president of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Microsoft will work with the Boys & Girls Club to develop the program materials to be used by the technology centers. And the company will provide Club staffers with training so that they can be a resource for the kids at the centers. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton will present the donation Monday at the Children's Aid Society/Boys & Girls Club in New York

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