Microsoft does search engine deals for MSN

Microsoft Corporation announced on Monday that it has reached agreements various Web search engine companies--including Compaq AltaVista, InfoSeek, Lycos, and Snap--so that their search facilities will be available with premium placement on MSN Start, Microsoft's Web portal. The agreement, which netted Microsoft over $60 million, will give MSN users some serious searching capabilities while opening these search engines to one of the most-visited sites on the Web.

"This is a win for customers of MSN and these search companies that recognize MSN as a great home for their services," said Laura Jennings, MSN VP. "These agreements ensure great choices of services for our members and represent the value MSN presents to companies looking to promote their brand with the broadest array of consumers."

Each search service will share space with Microsoft's own MSN Web Search on the new MSN Start site, which will be launched in October

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