Microsoft debuts Visual Studio 6.0

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates unveiled Visual Studio 6.0 via satellite today at Developer Days events around the world. Gates said that Visual Studio 6.0, now available, when combined with upcoming technologies such as SQL Server 7.0 (November), and Windows NT 5.0 and COM+ (both due in mid-1999), will give Microsoft competitors a "Year 1999 problem." Gates also introduced Office 2000 Developer Edition, which will be released in early 1999 along with the other editions of Office 2000.

"The digital nervous system vision is a transformation in the way business is done," Gates said. "It's an opportunity to take advantage of the talents of employees in a new way and reach out to new customers. But, building your digital nervous system requires wonderful applications that integrate with the systems you have and leverage the Web."

The Gates broadcast, which was actually taped a week earlier, also offered a virtual olive leaf, of sorts, to the two developer tools groups at Microsoft--the visual tools and Office groups--which don't often work together.

"It's great to see that simplicity, and especially to see our Office and tools groups working together," he said.

Visual Studio product manager Greg Leake provided some database connectivity and integrated debugger demonstrations.

Visual Studio 6.0, which is now available, consists of several products that can all be purchased separately as well. This includes Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual InterDev, Visual J++, Visual FoxPro, and Visual Source Safe. It also includes a copy of Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and a developer version of SQL Server 6.5. The suite is priced at approximately $1700 for the Enterprise Edition, and $1000 for the Professional Edition.

For more information, please visit the Visual Studio Web site

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