Microsoft Appeals EU Fine - 03 Oct 2006

Yesterday, Microsoft appealed the $356 million fine that the European Union (EU) imposed on the company in July. Microsoft had promised to appeal the fine, which was imposed because of the company's inability to meet the requirements of a 2004 antitrust ruling against it.

"The deadline for the appeal was October 2," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "As \[we\] said in July, we would appeal the fines imposed on the company at that time."

The European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg says Microsoft faxed a copy of the appeal Monday to meet the deadline. The court is now waiting for the original to arrive.

This appeal is the second pending in Microsoft's ongoing legal drama in Europe. Microsoft has also appealed the original 2004 antitrust ruling, which required the company to pay a $600 million fine, release a version of Windows in Europe without Windows Media Player, and release technical documentation about server interoperability to competitors. Microsoft's inability to meet the last of those requirements led to the fine at the heart of this latest appeal.

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