Microsoft apologies to SPA, software community

Microsoft general manager of developer relations, Tod Nielson, addressed the annual meeting of the Software Publisher Association (SPA) with an apology from his company. Microsoft, he said, has done the software development community wrong by not working more closely with ISVs that develop software for other platforms. The admission was notable if only because of the venue: The SPA has been extremely critical of Microsoft lately.

"This is a sincere and heartfelt apology," he said. "Let's build a relationship going forward so you and Microsoft can be successful."

Nielson discussed Microsoft's role as the leader of computer industry and defended its position against the lawsuit brought against it by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and 20 states. He tried to debunk myths about Microsoft, such as the belief that a company with that much power would remain invincible on an ongoing basis.

"If you don't embrace the next platform, you will die, you will be out of business," Nielson said. "Once you achieve success, you look at the world through the bias of your own platform."

Nielson concluded with thoughts on competition in the modern age.

"The world is trying to take us down, and competitors are focused on Microsoft," he said. "We think competition is healthy, and we want to compete with the same intensity and devotion to customers that others can.

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