Microsoft announces Works 2000 suite

Microsoft Corporation on Monday announced the release of Microsoft Works Suite 2000, the next version of its home productivity software suite. Works Suite 2000 bundles Works 2000, Word 2000, Encarta Encyclopedia 2000 Standard, Money 2000 Standard, Home Publishing 2000, Expedia Streets & Trips 2000, and Picture It! Express 2000 with a unique Task Launcher that enables home users to quickly and easily complete virtually any project. Works Suite 2000 was developed specifically for home users and the types of tasks they need to do every day. It’s not designed for home businesses or people who work at home, but rather for users that need help with common household tasks.

"Consumers today rely on their home PCs to accomplish many different tasks," said Robert Bach, vice president, Home and Retail Division, Microsoft. "That is why it is so important to build a software library that works for the entire family, but does not break the bank. Works Suite 2000 makes it easy to complete a wide variety of tasks and is available at an unbeatable price."

"With the new Task Launcher, consumers can focus on the task at hand and don't need to worry about which product they should use," said Hillarie Flood, Works product manager. "They simply select the task they want to complete, and the Task Launcher does the rest. It picks the best program for the job and even provides templates or wizards to help users get started." Works Suite 2000 retails for about $100, while the standard Works 2000 package costs about $55. For more information, please visit the Microsoft Works Web site

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