Microsoft announces Windows XP, Office XP

As first reported in WinInfo Daily UPDATE, Microsoft will rename its upcoming versions of Windows and Office to Windows XP and Office XP, respectively, to symbolize the rich user experiences these products offer. Windows XP (previously code-named Whistler) and Office XP (previously known only as Office 10) are steppingstones to the .NET future that will offer a variety of Web-enabled features and new UIs. Bill Gates, who has tired of the year-naming convention Microsoft adopted in 1995, chose the XP name--which stands for experience, according to sources at the company.
"These breakthrough versions of Windows and Office will give people the most powerful end-to-end computing experiences ever available," says Gates. "The coming generation of Windows XP and Office XP will let customers communicate and collaborate more effectively, be more creative and productive, and have more fun with technology." Gates notes that Windows XP and Office XP will lead the way to .NET. "Now, instead of having individual applications on each device, users will get a rich experience that spans all their devices. This evolution from applications to experiences starts with Windows XP and Office XP."
Windows XP, the next version of Windows 2000, will ship in consumer- and business-oriented versions late this year. It includes a number of enhancements, including a new, skinnable UI, improved Help and support, and better integration with digital media. Office XP, due late second quarter 2001, simplifies the Office products by making it easier to access hard-to-find functionality.
Microsoft will unveil more information about Windows XP at a special event in Seattle on February 13

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