Microsoft announces Windows NT Services for UNIX

Microsoft Corporation announced this week that its Windows NT Services for UNIX add-on will become available in four to six weeks. The add-on, which will cost $150, focuses on four areas of UNIX/NT integration:

  • Resource sharing. Allows NT Workstation users to use UNIX systems as file servers. UNIX workstation users will be able to access NT Server files as well.

  • Remote administration. Users can remotely log-on to and work on NT- and UNIX-based systems.

  • Password synchronization. Users can use a single password for their NT and UNIX machines. Password changes on NT will automatically be synchronized on their UNIX systems.

  • Common scripting across platforms. Users can execute UNIX commands and utilities in NT.
"Today Microsoft is delivering on a promise we made to customers just a few months ago, to provide a tool that helps simplify interoperability between Windows NT-based workstations and servers with pre-existing UNIX installed base," said Yusuf Mehdi, director of Windows marketing at Microsoft. "Customers are increasingly turning to Windows NT-based solutions to achieve an integrated business environment and lower the total cost of ownership."

If you're interested in NT/UNIX integration, Microsoft has also launched a new Web site that discusses these issues

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