Microsoft announces Visual Basic 6.0

Microsoft Corporation on Tuesday "announced" Visual Basic 6.0, which will be released September 2nd, along with the other components of Visual Studio 6.0. The product was demoed extensively last week at TechEd, so the official announcement is a little behind for some reason. In any event, Visual Basic 6.0 will finally adopt the OLE DB-based ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) data access model as the default method to access databases, though the product adds few other features when compared to VB 5.0.

One new feature of note, however, is the WebClass Designer, which allows developers to create data-aware Web applications that are Web browser independent. The feature works with a special VB 6.0 server component that must be installed on an IIS-based Web server. The tool gives VB developers something similar to Active Server Pages (ASP), a server-side scripting solution that also runs on IIS.

Aside from this, the additions to VB 6.0 are few. The debugger now supports Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) debugging, and there is native support for Oracle databases

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